Let’s all go to the Movies!

Hello all, I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I am certainly looking forward to the weekend and hoping to catch a flick at the movie theatres. It’s been a great couple of weeks for movie lover’s, last week Men in Black 3 and Snow White and the Huntsman owned the box office. The weeks before were dominated by The Avengers. I saw The Avenger’s in 3D the weekend it came out and I loved it! I like most people think going to the movies is a treat and usually only go see movies that would be great on a big screen or I am just so excited to see it that I can’t wait for the DVD.
Over Memorial Day weekend I saw Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie “The Dictator”. In this case I wasn’t exactly dieing to see it but we had just stuffed out faces at a cookout and wanted a cool place to chill out and watch a movie. It was pretty funny, if you’ve seen his other movies (Borat and Bruno) then I’m sure you’re aware of his outlandish humor. This movie was different from the aforementioned as it was not filmed in a candid documentary style. It also turned out to be a love story, which was lacking in the previous movies. Anna Faris played the love interest of the villainous dictator turned outcast civilian played by Cohen. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t movie theater going quality. I left wishing I had seen Johnny Depp’s new movie “Dark Shadows” like my mother had suggested.
Whatever movie you’re seeing, the movie going experience is never the same without a big buttery bucket of popcorn, a cold refreshing beverage and maybe even a cardboard box of candies. It goes without saying that all these amenities add up after you add in the cost of the movie tickets for you and a date. That’s why clickso Movie Lover’s offer is a perfect score for date night. Movie Lover’s – Fadango Bucks gives the user a chance to win a $100 Fandango Gift Card. Affiliates, give your user’s a treat and put up this amazing offer! It pays $1.50 and converts after a valid email submit. The offer is fairly new and has an EPC of $0.20 so far. I’m sure this offer is going to take off, so talk to your affiliate manager today!

Have a great weekend everyone and have fun at the movies!

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