Cheers To a 3-Day Weekend!


I hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend! I know having Monday off makes for a refreshing week.

I am sure everyone has their plans made. I have a baptism and a birthday party to attend as well as a cook out to plan, so hopefully I can handle all of those events in one weekend!

I love cook-outs, there is something about the smell of charcoal and big clump of potato salad on my plate that says “It’s going to be an awesome summer.” The only disadvantages are the items on the charcoal. I am a vegetarian and usually end up bringing my own frozen food section soy or veggie burgers for the chef to make. I am not complaining (In fact I prefer GardenBurger the best) it’s just that unless I bring my own faux meat, there is usually nothing else for me to eat besides potato chips, hamburger buns and the occasional corn on the cob.

It really is a shame because grilled vegetables are so good! I love sliced zucchini and sliced eggplant (cut about ¼ inch thick), marinated in lemon and olive oil (or even better, lemon infused olive oil) and grilled until they sweat with black grill lines. My co-worker Ian suggested grilled asparagus too. You can line the grill with tinfoil if need be, but if you prefer the grill lines then skip that step.

Another unique barbeque item to consider is fish, for those looking to serve something less fattening this summer. A good tuna steak or piece of salmon would do well marinated in white wine or soy sauce and then tossed on the grill. I have also seen salmon burgers for sale too, in case you want to stick to the burger structure of a typical cook out.

Whether it’s booze and burgers or veggies and dip, a trip to the grocery store can often break the bank before a good summer cook out even begins. Luckily we have a few coupon offers to help out! Coupon Alert (Display Only) – Download, offers tons of dollar saving downloadable coupons! I’ll admit that I love coupons but have a hard time finding ones that I will actually use. The site is great as it lets the user pick from tons of coupons! It pays $3 per download.

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week! Enjoy your three-day weekend!

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