Countdown To Christmas

Good afternoon, everyone, I hope your week is off to a GREAT start! For all of you who are counting down to Christmas, we’ve only got 12 more days left, which is still more than enough time to pick up some of our holiday-themed offers. What is everyone asking for? I haven’t decided what I want yet so hopefully you guys can give me some ideas!

The $500 Travelocity Hotel Gift Card offer is ideal for users who are planning a last minute trip for the holidays or want to surprise their loved ones with a vacation for Christmas. Users can earn a $500 Travelocity Hotel gift card free with completion of program requirements. Conversion occurs on an email submit and pays $1.35 per valid lead. I love this offer’s landing page so if you’d like to check it out, contact your affiliate manager, and pick this one up today!

If your users are stumped on what to get their friends or family this holiday season, or are even looking to spoil themselves, pick up the Apple iPhone 4S (Holiday LP) offer. This offer has a pay-out of $1.20 and converts on a simple email submit. I’m not quite sure if the 4s is still sold out in stores, but by filling out this offer, your users won’t have to worry about that and can also avoid the holiday crowds!

On another note, there are a little more than three weeks left ‘til Vegas and Affiliate Summit West ’12. Craig made our hotel arrangements a few weeks ago, and we will be staying at the Flamingo. Will anyone else be staying there? I’m really looking forward to this trip since it’s starting to freeze over in Chicago, and I’m also super excited to meet everyone finally. Please contact me or Craig if you’d like to meet up, I don’t think we have much going on yet!

Well I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! And remember to give me ideas on what I should ask for for Christmas. 🙂

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