Goin’ goin’ back back to Cali, Cali

Earlier this month, I spent a long weekend in San Diego, California. I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area so southern California is definitely a change from what I’m used to. I’ve been to the west coast about six times in the past visiting family, and I even lived there two years ago. In the summer of 2009, I worked as an intern in the Sales and Marketing Department of On Broadway Event Center in the Gaslamp of San Diego. If any of you are familiar with the University of Dreams Internship program, that’s what I did. I enjoyed the experience and area so much, I knew I had to go back. Although it’s been a long time coming, I finally returned two years later.

My best friend, Francesca, and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Mission Bay. It is more of a family resort, but it had a great view of the Mission Bay Marina. Since we were only in San Diego for four days, we knew we had to make the most of it! On the second day of my vacation, Fran and I drove all the way to Los Angeles at 4:30 in the morning to avoid the traffic, which I heard is way worse than Chicago’s. I found Britney Spears’ star on Hollywood Boulevard (my mission for the day) and had dinner at SUR in West Hollywood. Do any of you watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? If so, you’d know that SUR is owned by Lisa VanderPump, who is actually my favorite on the show!

Fran and I were exhausted the next day, but that didn’t stop us from exploring! On Saturday, October 1st, our third day in San Diego, we decided to go to the PB Beach Fest in Pacific Beach. We unexpectedly entered a Fish Taco Contest, where we only spent $5 and tried PB’s BEST fish tacos. Yum! What I’d do for one of those right now… Later that night, we had In ‘n Out Burger for dinner, which is a must-try when you’re in California, and went out to Quality Social in the Gaslamp for a close friend’s birthday.

Needless to say, Sunday morning was completely rough, and Fran and I decided to be low-key. We spent our Sunday Funday in La Jolla, which was about fifteen minutes away from our resort. No joke, La Jolla is probably the most beautiful place I’ve seen in the United States! I’ve always been the one to dream big, and I think my newest goal is to end up in La Jolla sometime in the near future. I love it that much! Since we were leaving pretty early the next morning, Fran and I went to go see Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new movie “50/50”, which I completely loved.

Sadly, that was the end of our mini vacation, and I’m back at the office in the Midwest where the high of today is only 60 degrees. 🙁 Which of our affiliates live out in southern California? I am truly jealous of all of you! My roommate, Amanda, from my internship program is planning to go back sometime in February and you can definitely count me in. I’m so happy I won’t have to wait two long years for my next trip to the 619! 🙂

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