The Leaves Are A-Changin’

How is everyone’s work week going so far? I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! As most of you know, the first day of Fall was last Friday, September 23rd, 2011. How did all of you spend the first weekend of Autumn? I decided to be extra festive and go to an apple orchard around the area. It was super packed so I think everyone had the same exact thoughts as to how to spend their weekend. I adventured in the pumpkin patch looking for worthy pumpkins to carve and enjoyed an apple cider slushie which was absolutely worth the four dollars I paid for it. Did I out-Fall you guys?

To go along with my Fall-themed blog entry this week, I’m going to inform all of you about our newest holiday offers. I’ve set up several Halloween campaigns so far so hopefully you guys will find one that you’ll want to run. 🙂 Pick up our new Halloween Jackpot offer, and your users can enter for a chance to win today’s daily drawing of $1,000,000! Users must enter their first name and email for the day’s drawing. Conversion occurs on a first page submit, and pays $1.20 per lead.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween? I think of candy, because I have a sweet tooth all 365 days of the year. Who doesn’t like candy? Pick up the What’s Your Favorite Candy? – Free $100 GC email submit offer for all your users to fill out. All they need to do is choose their favorite candy listed on the landing page and they can receive a FREE $100 gift card with participation. The pay-out for this offer is $1.50 and converts on an email submit. I’d have to say my favorite candy is Milk Duds… Yum!

My second favorite part of Halloween is deciding what my costume is going to be. No joke, Kim and I started brainstorming a few weeks ago! Our CEO is actually having everyone in the office dress up this year, and I can hardly wait. I kind of want to pick up a Sesame Street costume and be Elmo since I’m probably the shortest one in the office. Do any of you have any costume ideas for me? I’m probably not the only one thinking of costumes since October is just a few days away… I’m thinking our new offer will be super popular in the next few weeks. is a great seasonal campaign from the world’s most popular costume store! This offer pays per purchase and allows soft incent traffic.

Our office is going to celebrate the haunting holiday this year by having everyone bring in their “scariest” treat! Do you guys have any ideas for me? I’m not exactly Betty Crocker. I’ll have to upload a photo of all our employees dressed up in their costumes. Not going to lie, I’m probably going to browse on my lunch break. All of you will have to keep me updated on your costumes! 😉

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