Food For Thought? Literally!

I recently put up which is a campaign that offers users free coupons to their favorite restaurants. The landing page is awesome as it features some of my favorite foods: a cheeseburger and cheesecake! It’s only 9:30 in the morning here in Chicago, but it’s making me crave those exact things… This could be a problem.

Going out to eat is probably my favorite thing to do with my friends and family, and I’m sure your users can agree. This offer pays $1.20 for a user to fill out only two fields! By filling out this offer, your users can get free restaurant coupons from their favorite brand name chains.

A few of the restaurants listed on the bottom of the landing page include Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin and Panera Bread. I love those restaurants! The next time you decide to stop by one of these eateries, feel free to try some of my favorites that I order each time I go.

Buffalo Wild Wings: I find that regular wings are a bit messy so I love to get their Boneless Wings in Asian Zing and Mango Habanero. Beware: these flavors are super hot so make sure you have a cold beverage and a side of celery with bleu cheese to cool yourself down.

Red Robin: I love the fact that they give you bottomless steak fries! They are amazing especially with the seasoning that can be found on your table. I recently had their clam strips, which is not something you usually get at a burger joint, and they were delicious. Hot clam strips + cool tartar sauce = Amazing.

Panera Bread: Panera was my go-to food while in school so I could definitely say I’ve tried the entire menu! Two items that I go back to over and over again are the turkey artichoke panini and New England clam chowder. I love the pair especially in a You-Pick-Two with an Iced Green Tea. Believe me, it’s probably my favorite lunch ever.

Wow, just naming my favorite meals makes me want to fill out this offer myself! I encourage our affiliates to pick up this offer as I believe it’s going to be a popular one. Nom nom nom! 😉

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