Movin’ on Up?

I can’t believe it’s Friday already, but hey, I’ll take it! I feel like yesterday I was just coming back from the long holiday weekend! Guess that’s because we only had a 4 day work week! I think every week should be a 4 day work week… that would be nice, right?

Of course I have to talk about the weekend! Right now, Krissy is on her way to Chicago to go to a concert. Can you guess which one? If you’ve been reading our blog posts you know it’s Britney Spears! I think she’s mentioned her in just about every blog so far :). But I’m definitely jealous; I would have loved to go to that concert too! I’m sure she’ll have a blast! As for me, I have no big plans for the weekend. I think tonight I’m seeing the movie Horrible Bosses that came out today. That looks pretty funny! Then Saturday I actually might meet up with Krissy in Chicago!

So, I know it’s Friday and I should write an upbeat, happy blog about shopping or something…but one of our top campaigns right now is the Unemployment Survival Guide. And it got me wondering if our economy is doing any better lately. I haven’t been paying much attention because I am very lucky to have found a job when I did. But I was in the same boat as many people are right now. I know it started to get really bad in 2009. So many people got laid off, people who’ve been at companies for 15+ years lost their jobs, new college grads couldn’t find jobs, etc. It’s really tough when it hits home and you personally know people who get laid off or you yourself spend 10 hours a day job searching and nothing comes of it!..yes that was me for a long time because I graduated college right when things got bad! I can’t even imagine how bad some people are suffering.

It’s sad to think how high the unemployment rate is. The unemployment rate for the U.S. has been rising for the last 3 months and is currently at 9.2%, that’s about 14 million people who don’t have jobs! The last time the percentage of people who ARE working was this low was in 1984. AND the nation’s total payroll is 7 million shy of what is was when the recession began in 2007. Honestly, this is all pretty scary if you think about it.

I really hope things get better soon. With the economy the way it is, it really limits people in many aspects of their life. It diminishes people’s spending power, their motivation and even their well-being. Makes me sad to think about! But there’s a lot of things people can do to help themselves until the economy gets better. Affiliates, help them out a little by picking up the Unemployment Survival Guide. Users have to simply complete the form and it’ll take them to their state’s unemployment information. As a bonus to those who sign up, an email is sent outlining the step-by-step process you need to follow to get the maximum benefits allowed. The pay-out is $1.65 and the EPC is $.90! This offer converts on the first page. Kind of a bittersweet offer, right?

Ok, enough of this sadness! Sorry if I put a damper on anyone’s mood! 🙂 But I had to talk about our top offer!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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