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Although it’s only Tuesday, this week has been going by pretty quickly for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely looking forward to this long, holiday weekend, but I cannot wait for next Friday! Have you guys read my blog on Britney Spears that I wrote a few months ago? If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love her, and she will be performing at the United Center on July 8th. Of course, I’m going so until then, I’m counting down the days and following her religiously on twitter and Facebook for updates on her tour. How do all of you follow your favorite celebrities?

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The Britney concert is a little over a week away, but luckily, the two-episode finale of The Voice begins tonight. Do any of our affiliates watch this show? I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but I’ve slowly become obsessed with it! The finalists are: Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo Green, Beverly McClellan from Team Christina Aguilera, Javier Colon from Team Adam Levine, and Dia Frampton from Team Blake Shelton. I apologize to all the Javier fans out there, he is definitely amazing and all, but I have to give it up for the ladies this season! I’d be thrilled if any of the women win The Voice so it’s super hard for me to pick my choice for the winner.

If I had to choose, I’d go with Beverly. Her voice is powerful, and I love her presence when she’s on stage. Check out my favorite performance, “I’m the Only One”, using the link below:

She killed it, huh? 😉

Have a good day, everyone!

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