Summer in the City

It’s Friday! I bet everyone is anxious to start the weekend! I know I am! I have my weekend all planned out! I’m going down town Chicago tonight right after work for a friend’s birthday. Then tomorrow I’m going to North Avenue beach to lie out and get a tan! I think the weather is supposed to be nice…well it better be since I’ll be at a beach! But I am in Chicago so who knows! It’s 80 degrees one day then the next it’s 60. But hopefully it’ll stay nice out. Sunday I’m planning on going to a parade in Chicago. It’s an annual parade and I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun. But I’d have to get up early in the morning, which I am not a fan of, especially on the weekends…but maybe I’ll sacrifice a few hours of sleep 🙂 What is everyone doing this weekend?

I love Chicago Summers! There is always something going on and always something to do. The streets get so crowded and lively! I love it! I’ll probably be spending most of my weekends in Chicago this summer. But I do have other ideas of fun summer things to do that aren’t in the city. One thing is Country Thunder. It’s a 4 day outdoor concert of country music in Wisconsin. Most of my friends don’t like country music so I’m lucky if I can drag a couple friends with me. But this year it’ll just be my sister and I going! And the line-up of artists is great! I can’t wait! Here’s my little checklist of other things I’d like to do this summer:

-Go to Six Flags Great America

I live literally 7 minutes away from Six Flags but I never go! In high school, I’d get a season pass every year and go pretty much every day. Now, maybe I’ll go once a year..if that! Last time I went was for Fright Fest last October. But Six Flags is so much more fun in the summer because there’s a water park! Affiliates, grab our new 4 Free Six Flags Tickets offer so your users can go! It converts on an email submit and pays out at $1.30.

-Go to a Nascar race

My mom is absolutely obsessed with Nascar. Personally, I don’t get it. You just sit and watch cars go in a circle for 4 hours…? But my mom’s birthday is coming up and I know she would love to go to a race. So being the wonderful daughter that I am, I’m thinking about buying tickets to the next race in Detroit. Maybe it’ll be more interesting to watch a live race! Nascar has a huge fan base, and Affiliates, I bet a bunch of your users are fans too. This new Nascar DVD Club offers users a collection of the all-time best action from Nascar races. It pays out at $12.00 and converts on a first page credit card submit. Do any of my affiliates like Nascar?

-Go on Vaction… at least for the weekend!

It seems like everyone, and I’m not even exaggerating, is either on vacation right now or is going soon. A bunch of my friends, friends of friends, family members, and even Clickso affiliates are on vacation! I have to say that I am extremely jealous of all of you! I have no money to go on an actual vacation, but I’d like to get away for a weekend. But so far it looks like my only weekend getaway this summer is going to be our office trip in August. And I’m really excited for it! Affiliates, for all your users who are planning a vacation pick up this offer, Get 2 Southwest Tickets – NEW. It has a new landing page, it converts on an email submit and the payout is $1.50.

There’s my summer to do list, short and sweet! 🙂 What’s on my affiliate’s summer checklist?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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