Introducing Your New Campaign Manager…

Good afternoon, everyone, and happy first day of summer! How are all of you spending it? I’m working today of course, but it’s so humid out I don’t even mind.

I forgot to tell all of you, but I’ve recently switched positions and am now a Campaign Manager instead of an Affiliate Manager. I guess I can’t refer to any of you as my affiliates anymore, but I can definitely keep you up to date on Clickso’s newest offers!

I find myself busier at my new position due to the fact that I’m always putting up various offers for Craig and Kim’s affiliates. Being so busy does make the day go by so much faster, which is definitely a perk, but I truly enjoy my new duties as a Campaign Manager! I’m the face behind the newsletter all of you affiliates receive weekly, and I’m now in charge of the emails you receive if an offer is going down. My new record of how many offers I can put up in a day is eight, and I hope that someday I can be even quicker than Craig in this aspect of my job!

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek into my new position, I’m going to tell you about a few of my favorite offers I’ve recently put up.

Gold’s Gym Free Trial (Email Only): Affiliates, this will be one hot offer to pick up now that it’s officially summertime. Everyone wants to be in their best shape for the season, and this campaign could make staying fit possible! Users must fill out this super short form for a Free 7-Day VIP Trial Membership at your nearest Gold’s Gym. Conversion occurs on a first page submit with a pay-out of $2.75.

Kate Bosworth’s JewelMint: Want to know why I think this offer would do awesome for you, affiliates?! Think of all the ladies who will be vacationing in the next few weeks, or have special plans that require the most fashionable looks. Users are eligible to join Kate Bosworth’s monthly jewelry club, which has actually been getting rave reviews! This offer has a pay-out of $4.50, and a lead is generated on a credit card submission.

Bubble Shooter Game: The summertime usually means LOTS of traveling so why not relieve your users boredom with the most addictive online game! Affiliates, offer your users the newest version of the bubble shooter game. This offer can be incentivized and has a $1.00 pay-out.

Don’t these offers seem too good to pass up? It’s probably because they are! Contact your affiliate managers now to get these offers up and running. (And if you aren’t an affiliate of Clickso, what are you waiting for?! Sign up now!)

Term of the Week
Vertical – Yes, this word can mean an upright position, but in affiliate marketing, it’s a group of offers. Here are the above campaigns in their correct vertical:

– Gold’s Gym Free Trial: Health and Beauty (OR Free Trial)
– Kate Bosworth’s JewelMint: Shopping
– Now your turn, Bubble Shooter Game: ???

Hope you guessed Gaming! The name kinda gives it away, huh? You can also think of the word “vertical” as a category.

Did you learn something new today? Hope so! Not only do I consider myself a Campaign Manager, but a teacher as well. 😉 Have a great rest of the day, everyone! And…

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