Snack Your Way Into A Smaller Swimsuit!

Good morning affiliates, how are you all doing today? I’d be in such a great mood if it were sunny and warm outside, but of course, it’s chilly and has been storming all morning. I guess that’s Chicago weather for ya, right?

I’ve decided to write this week’s blog on my favorite thing to do: SNACKING.

I was watching Good Morning America a few days ago, and the episode gave me a few good tips on what to snack on during the summer months. Because of the heat index lately, I’ve been eating my fair share of ice cream, popsicles and frozen beverages. I honestly don’t know how many calories I’ve been racking up! Starting next week (or so I say), I plan to start eating much healthier snacks. GMA has suggested:

Goji berries: Supposedly one of the healthiest foods you can eat! I’ve never tried these so I plan on picking some up this weekend.

Fruit: My favorites this season include watermelon, grapes (which are even better if you throw them in the freezer!), kiwis and mangos.


Nuts: Kim likes to bring peanuts and cashews to work so next time she does, I might have to ask her for some!

Now that I’ve listed some of GMA’s suggestions, here are some of MY ideas for healthier snacking:

Skinny Cow treats: I seriously love Ben and Jerry’s as much as the next girl, but Skinny Cow has low-fat treats that are just as good! My faves are the ice cream sandwiches or Chocolate truffle bars, which you can find in the frozen section at your local grocery store.

Yoplait Fat-Free Yogurt: I enjoy Yoplait fat-free yogurt year round, but some summery flavors I’ve been stocking up on include Triple Berry Torte, Strawberry Orange Sunrise and Apricot Mango.

Kellogg’s FiberPlus Antioxidants Chewy Bars in Caramel Coconut Fudge: Remember those amazing Samoas Girl Scout cookies and being so depressed when the cookies so quickly disappeared because they were THAT good? Well, these fiber bars taste exactly like those little devils and pack 35% of your daily fiber. What’s up now, Girl Scouts?

Other than these snacks, I also propose that affiliates pick up this amazing As-Seen-on-TV offer, the Blueberry Giant, which has a pay-out of $20. With the Blueberry Giant, users can now grow their very own blueberries in the convenience of their own home. Why go to the grocery store when you have the perfect summer snack growing in your backyard? Affiliates, what are you waiting for? Pick this offer up right now!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog this week as much as I enjoyed writing it, but if you’ll all excuse me, I have a Kellogg’s chewy bar with my name on it… 😉

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