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Happy Friday, Affiliates! Has your week felt like it’s been taking forever like mine has? But only because I’m so anxious for a 3 day weekend! I remember talking with one of my affiliates on Monday and we were both already wishing it was Friday. Right after work I’m heading to Michigan to visit my sister. I’m not looking forward to all the traffic though. I probably won’t get there until midnight tonight. Just getting out of the Chicago area is going to take 2 hours alone…but it’ll be worth it! I love going to visit my sister because I hardly get to see her, but mostly because she has a pool! Haha.. Just kidding.. 🙂 What are my affiliate’s big plans for the holiday weekend?

But seriously, I can’t wait to lay out by the pool and hopefully get a tan! I think it’s supposed to be 80 degrees on Sunday so that will be awesome! Finally warm weather is here. It’s been 50 something degrees lately, unusual weather for May! But looks like summer is right around the corner!
So speaking of summer, I always get so excited for summer TV shows to start. My favorites are So You Think You Can Dance (which started last night by the way!) and True Blood. I’ve been watching SYTYCD for a while now. I usually don’t like those kinds of reality shows but I love this one! Probably because I dance so I can understand and tell who is actually a good dancer! As for True Blood, I just started getting into this series. For those of you who have not seen it, don’t think it’s just another show about vampires, there’s so much more to it! I’m currently reading the books and they’re great!

I suggest watching both of these shows! So, affiliates give your users this DirecTV- Install Offer so they can get all the channels they need to watch their shows! It has a great pay-out of $190. It converts on a valid credit card submit and a completed transaction.

*Term of the Week*

Craig decided to test Krissy and I today on which landing page is better to use.

He showed us 2 different ones and asked which is the better choice. Turns out the one where the fields are Above the Fold is the way to go!

Above the Fold means that once a web page has loaded the part that is visible is ‘above the fold’.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend! 🙂

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