Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

It’s almost noon in the Midwest so Good Afternoon to all of my affiliates! I hope all of you had an enjoyable weekend. I spent most of my weekend relaxing, but on Sunday, I went to my first baseball game at U.S. Cellular Field to watch the Chicago White Sox play the Los Angeles Dodgers. I’m not a very big baseball fan, but it was pretty entertaining. It was so funny to watch some of the fans sitting over by me heckle Matt Kemp for dating Rihanna. He even turned around to acknowledge us which I also thought was pretty hilarious. Did any of my affiliates do anything fun this weekend?!

I loved how crowded U.S. Cellular got yesterday at the game, but I definitely did not realize how expensive food gets at parks… It was a sweltering 80 degrees at the stadium (if not HOTTER), and a bottle of water cost me $4.50. Later in the day, I also got a soft pretzel with cheese and a yummy Pina Colada in a gi-normous White Sox collectable cup. With all my ballpark snacks, I probably spent around $20 just on food. I guess that’s pretty normal for a baseball game, right?!

I bet everyone has plans for the summer; baseball games, summer getaways, weekend road trips, shopping sprees – whatever it may be! To make sure that these plans don’t fall through, I definitely feel like a great offer to pick up right now would be the Discover More Credit Card, which has a pay-out of $65.00. To all of my affiliates, if you are interested, I’d be happy to set up this offer in your account!

Affiliates – what are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Do you have the day off? Here at Clickso, we will be enjoying a long, three-day holiday weekend, and I hope all of you can do the same!

Talk to you soon, everyone!

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