At Clickso, we reward our affiliates!

This week, Kim and I decided to write another blog together! We had so much fun writing it last week, and wrote an even longer blog entry than usual. We hope all of our affiliates enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!

We want to start out this week’s entry by talking about our new program called, Flexible Rewards. If you sign up to become a publisher on our site, you could earn some amazing rewards. The more monthly earnings you make, the more valuable your reward will be. We have one affiliate already who has won an iPod Nano, (Monthly earnings: $20,000)!

This program was created as an incentive to our affiliates to reward them for sending us traffic. Here is a list of what prizes an affiliate can win:

– $5,000+: $50 Gift Card
– $10,000+: $100 Gift Card
– $20,000+: iPod Nano
– $30,000+: Nintendo Wii
– $50,000+: Digital SLR (a Camera!)
– $70,000+: iPad
– $100,000+: 50” Plasma TV
– $150,000+: MacBook Pro
– $250,000+: 92” Projector Screen
– $300,000+: Watches
– $500,000+: Jewelry
– $1 Million: Car

We hope this program will motivate our affiliates to not only pick up more offers, but drive traffic to the offers that they are already running! If you’re not sure which offers to pick up, you can always check our blog for information on the top performing offers of the week.

Users can qualify for a $4,000 scholarship with the Career Stimulus Package 4k Scholarship offer. It has an EPC of $2.26 and a pay-out of $32.00. The offer converts on the user being eligible to receive information from a university.

The second offer that we are going to talk about today is our PolicyGo Life Insurance offer, which is a zip submit. The EPC for this offer is $0.89, and the pay-out is $5.50. This campaign offers users free life insurance quotes.

*Term of the Week*

Last week, the term of the week was actually an equation Kim used to figure out an eCPM of an offer. This week, it’s my turn! Since I have only been an affiliate manager for a few months, (I started in February 2011), I am constantly hearing new terms that I still am not familiar with. Today, I heard the abbreviation, “AOR.” Because I didn’t know what it meant, of course, I had to google it!

AOR is an abbreviation for Agency of Record. This means that a network handles all of the marketing for an entire line of products for an advertiser. All of the advertiser’s products have to go directly through their AOR network. If you are working with an AOR, you are running an exclusive offer.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading our blog this week, even though it didn’t have to do with vacations or Harry Potter World. We hope that all of our affiliates have a great weekend!

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