Wishing the Beach was in Reach

Hey! How’s everyone’s week going? Luckily the work week is almost over. Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I have a game this weekend that I am dancing in, along with celebrating a friend’s birthday. Krissy recently finished the book “Water for Elephants” and is super excited to see the movie. I heard it got a lot of positive reviews!

Krissy and I decided to join forces this week and write a blog together about how jealous we are of Craig. He left for Florida yesterday and is probably sitting by the pool, enjoying the sun and getting tan as we blog!

Speaking of going on vacation, a few of our co-workers are going to Mexico next month. This makes us realize that it is almost time for vacation season. I know we’ll be going to Affiliate Summit East this summer, but not until the end of August. We are really looking forward to it because it’ll be our first show and neither of us has been to New York before so it will be a great experience! We both wish we were going somewhere before this since it is still a few months away. I’d actually love to go to Disney World to see the Harry Potter theme park because I’m a little obsessed, almost as much as Krissy is about Britney Spears. 🙂 Krissy would love to go anywhere warm because the Chicago weather has been cold and dreary for the last month and a half!

We think all of our Affiliates should pick up this offer since your users are going to start booking their summer getaways! Get 2 Southwest Tickets has a pay-out of $1.60. Users get 2 tickets for Southwest Airlines (participation required). It converts on first page e-mail submit and has an EPC of $0.46.

*Term of the Week*

Earlier this week I had to calculate eCPM for a potential affiliate.

eCPM is the effective cost per thousand impressions.

To figure this out you take your monthly revenue divide it by the number of monthly impressions and multiply that total by 1,000.

(Monthly Revenue/Monthly Impressions) x 1,000

Example: monthly revenue= 418 monthly impressions= 114

(418/114) x 1,000= 3,666.67

Krissy and I hope the rest of the week goes by quickly so you can enjoy your weekend plans! 🙂

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