Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way!

Happy Friday to all of my affiliates! I think some of you took today off for Good Friday so you have a nice long weekend ahead of you! I’m a little jealous… 🙂

So, it’s Easter weekend. Anyone have any big plans? I usually don’t do too much; just have some people over for dinner. When I was younger, though, we made a big deal out of Easter! I remember we would do two Easter egg hunts. One was at a park and the other at my house. Instead of putting candy in those plastic eggs, my dad would put money in them! It was great! Then we would have a bunch of people over to cook out. What are some of your Easter memories when you were kids?

It looks like it’ll be raining all weekend here in Chicago, so no cook outs on Sunday for me! I’ll probably end up cleaning my house, doing laundry, pretty much getting started on spring cleaning before Summer comes! Oops! I’ll just be trying to make my house spotless for my family..and the Easter Bunny I suppose! 🙂

Affiliates, I’m sure your users will be doing the same as me, so give them these new offers to help them out! The Free Swiffer Sweeper offer has an EPC of $.25 and converts on a first page email submit. The second offer,Free Snuggle Fabric Softner, has an EPC of $.30 and also converts on an email submit. Who couldn’t use these free cleaning products!? Especially when trying to impress family members..we all know how overwhelming that can be!

*Term of the Week*


EPC means earnings per click. This is figured by dividing the number of clicks by the total cost. For example if an offer’s total cost is 500 and there’s 300 clicks, then EPC= 1.67.

500/300= $1.67 EPC

Affiliates, grab these offers ASAP! And have a Happy Easter!

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