Rainy Days = Movie Days

Good morning to all of my affiliates out there! It has been gloomy and rainy out this morning. I have been in the office for an hour and fifteen minutes already, and have yet to take off my jacket. I know it’s spring so of course I expect the rain, but can we please have some warmth already? Us Chicagoans deserve it! Since it is almost May, I figured that the weather would stay consistent in the 50’s and we would have leaves on the trees by now… Yesterday, it looked like Christmas outside when I drove to work.

So did all of my affiliates enjoy their weekend? My co-workers and I are convinced that this past week Mother Nature decided to have the warm, beautiful days during the work week and the cold, dreary ones during the weekend… Absolutely, not fair! Since it was so cold out, I didn’t really do anything fun this weekend, except see the new movie that just came out called Rio. I wasn’t really excited about it despite all the promotion they did for the movie, but was pleasantly surprised after watching it. It may be a family movie, but it was definitely entertaining and worth the $11 I spent to watch it.

I, for one, love to go see movies, but it definitely gets expensive with all the snacks I want to buy at the concession stand. I know a lot of people these days like to stay in, and rent movies from Blockbuster or even more conveniently, browse movies on their Netflix account. Because of this, our Blockbuster vs. Netflix Survey offer would be a great choice for all of my affiliates to pick up if they haven’t already. The pay-out is $1.45 and converts on the first page.

Welp, it just started raining. I hope all of my affiliates have nicer weather (wherever they are!) that they could enjoy…

Have a great day everyone! 😀

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