Beach Season is Here!…Almost!

Hi Everyone! I’m sure a lot of you are at Ad Tech right now. I know Craig is having a really good time there. I wish I could have gone and met some of my affiliates. …And maybe try to get a tan! I bet the weather is beautiful there. It’s actually not bad over here in Chicago though. I just can’t wait until the 80 degree weather comes!

Nice weather means it is time to start getting in shape and ready for the beach! As for me, I am on a professional dance team, so I dance about 3 times a week. It is a great work out and definitely helps to keep me in shape. Some people play sports in their free time or do the work out videos which I like to do too. And then you have those dedicated few who go to the gym every other day or even everyday! But not everyone has time for that! What do my affiliates do to stay in shape? I’m always looking for new ways to make exercising fun and exciting!

Give your users an easier, faster option to get ready for beach season. The ProSlim- Action Diet Pill offer is really hot right now! It has an EPC of $0.97 and converts on a second page credit card submit. It also has a great landing page, sure to appeal to users, and you can go take a look by logging into your accounts on Clickso.

Well I only have a few hours left of work then hopefully I’ll be outside enjoying the weather! Maybe I’ll go for a run and get my work out done for the day! Have a great rest of the week everyone!


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