April Fool’s!

How’s it goin’? I can’t believe it’s already April! That means baseball season and warmer weather. Two of my favorite things! Everyone in the office is excited about the Chicago Cubs opener tomorrow, but I’m a White Sox fan so I’ll have to wear my Sox shirt and stand out!

Another fun thing about April is, of course, April Fool’s Day. Every year I want to pull a prank on someone, but every year I forget! I think the last time I did was in High School. It was probably 2 weeks until Prom and I told my date that I wasn’t going to go with him anymore. He had already bought his tuxedo and we had everything planned so he got really mad, obviously! This went on for about 15 minutes until I finally said ‘April Fool’s!’ OK, I guess that’s a pretty mean joke but it was funny in the end! This year I’m trying to come up with something really good. Any suggestions? Let’s hear your April Fool’s Day stories!

Krissy had a great idea of pulling an April Fool’s joke on Craig. Craig if your reading this..don’t worry we are still in the process so it may not even happen (wink, wink)

No one likes to be the victim of an April Fool’s joke, so you need to outsmart the joker. Affiliates, help out your users and put up The Mind Quiz Brain Teaser! It converts on a PIN submit after taking a short quiz, then generates the user’s IQ score. This offer is doing great right now and has an EPC of $0.87! Your users will find out their IQ score and see if they’re smart enough to be the joker or if their doomed to be the jok-ee! I hope I’m not the latter! Happy April everyone!


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