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Am I a slacker or just too busy taking care of my affiliates to write a blog entry, I would say too busy with my affiliates! Nice to meet all of you my name is Craig Ferrelli and I am one of the Affiliate Managers at Most of you already know me from doing business together or from reading Krissy’s blog entries so I won’t go into too much about me, but if you want to know something feel free to ask!

I don’t really know who is reading this or if anyone ever will but I want to use my entries as kind of a way for people new to the industry to ask their questions and learn things they may not have known before. I know a lot of people are probably embarrassed if they do not know some of terminology in the industry and to be honest with you I have spoken to many people new to the industry whom do not know some of the simplest terms used. So I will start slow and maybe someday in the distant future if the technology has not involved we can cover everything. To start I am going to just do a quick rundown of some of the more common types of offers, they are:

CPA(L) – Cost Per Action(Lead) – These types of offers require the user to complete an action in order for the publisher to get paid. Common actions are email submits, Nth page submits, credit card submits and email confirmations.

CPS – Cost Per Sale – This offer type results in the publisher getting paid by way of the user purchasing something. A lot of offers like this tend to be Revenue Share which pays the Publisher a % of the sale but there are some that act like CPA’s and just pay a flat rate.

PPC – Pay Per Click – Though they typically have way lower payouts they pay by the click! Which means all the user has to do is click on the offer and the Publisher gets paid.

Coreg – These are the “Yes” and “No” questions you are asked normally after filling out a form or on a path. These tend to payout way less and really are just used for sending the users information to whomever they click “Yes” on.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little spiel and did not bore you too much! I hope everyone has a good weekend! I was myself was planning on going to the movies but may put it off till next weekend as I really want to see Sucker Punch. So it may just be a sit at home and watch basketball all weekend, watching my bracket dreams go down the drain.

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