The Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Ten years ago, the iPhone we all know, love and typically keep inches away from our fingertips hit the shelves and forever changed the way we live our lives. The smart phone has changed the way we communicate, stay organized and from time to time – do a little shopping. No shame in that. Not only has the smart phone reinvented our personal lives but it has greatly affected the affiliate marketing world and the traffic we push out.

Back in the day, mobile affiliate marketing meant pushing traffic through SMS to reach customers. Today, with smart phones, the mobile affiliate marketing game is changing and becoming extremely dominant verses desktop traffic. You may see a mobile ad in an app which leads you to an app install page, you may see a mobile ad simply inside a mobile website promoting some kind of product or service, or you may a see mobile ad in social media platforms.

According to Statista – “the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019”. More specifically, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is expected to increase to 247.5 million. Many mobile experts believe that this mobile trend is “unlikely to reverse”. Nor should it. The mobile trend is opening new doors left and right for affiliate marketers as the number of desktop and mobile users continues to shift.

Companies in the marketing and advertising world been adapting with the changing times to stay in line with their competitors. There are many reasons why embracing mobile traffic is a step in the right direction for affiliate marketers. Here are a few quick facts and tips to keep in mind regarding the mobile trend:

  • Campaigns are typically set up to suit both mobile and desktop traffic. The creatives will automatically adapt to the size of the screen the content is being viewed on, eliminating the need to set up mobile and desktop campaigns separately.
  • Mobile campaigns give you the advantage of more easily pushing traffic to countries outside of the United States.
  • Remember to always ensure that your tracking pixel is working properly for mobile transactions. Most times, a pixel that successfully fires on a desktop-oriented site will work as well on a mobile site. But always make sure before pushing traffic!
  • A properly mobile optimized website will also increase your visitors, increasing more leads. People do not trust websites that are not optimized for mobile search. Especially when you are working in an industry that is technologically advanced and driven, your website should reflect this.
  • Many times, the vertical of an offer will matter when deciding between pushing it as desktop traffic, mobile traffic, or both. For example, it may make more sense to push a financial or loan offer as desktop traffic because the user is required to submit sensitive, personal information and doing so on a desktop is safer than a mobile phone. But other kinds of offers – for example, gaming and dating offers – convert even better as mobile offers.
  • Your team will also be able to push more traffic with mobile since it’s extremely convenient. We are constantly on our mobile devices, meaning there is plenty more opportunity for conversions.

Mobile traffic is still evolving as technology evolves, but it’s an aspect of the industry we should be embracing with open arms. Mobile gives you better targeting, which means more conversions, which means more profit.

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