SendMsgs: a Push Notifications Service for Web and Mobile

SendMsgs has taken the hassle out of customer interactions. This push notifications service can help your company set up auto responses as well as personalize and schedule notifications to better interact with customers, promote your brand and optimize your campaign.

Why Push Notifications?

Generally, customers will subscribe to push notifications because they want to receive personalized alerts, time-sensitive content and tailored deals. SendMsgs uses push notifications because email marketing can sometimes be a risky channel of communication. Customers are very aware of an irrelevant mass email when they see one, which may lead to them only reading the email subject, quickly deleting it or just ignoring it. SendMsgs’ different features and push notifications are what separates them apart from email campaigns. For example, the segmentation feature helps you define your audience so you can send them specific, specialized content that is relevant to the customer. SendMsgs’ push notifications ensures your message is always delivered and seen- and not lost in a cluttered inbox/spam folder. Directly pushing your notification to your customers will increase your site’s traffic, engagement and create more buzz. It will also divert their attention away from the site they were currently browsing, bringing them back to your own content so your revenue can keep growing every day. No need to rely on your customers checking their email to see your message.

Grab Your Customers’ Attention

Another amazing feature SendMsgs offers is to make your notifications personal to your customers. Introducing yourself to your users as soon as they opt-in to notifications makes for a great first impression. This is an integral first step in building a stronger relationship with your customers and converting more sales.

Schedule Your Push Notifications

A convenient feature of SendMsgs is the ability to schedule your push notifications, much like the way you can schedule social media posts and email campaigns. Schedule your push notifications to go out when your users are the most active so your message has the greatest impact possible.

Easy and simple

There are no downloads, software or special applications to be installed with SendMsgs. Users simply allow push notifications. As mentioned above, SendMsgs conveniently pushes notifications to both web and mobile. Listed below are the supported platforms.
Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android
Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
CMS: Joomla, WordPress, Magenta

Interested in SendMsgs or eager to learn more? Sign up here or contact us at and we can help you out.

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