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Monthly Archives: April 2011


Apr 2011

Wishing the Beach was in Reach
No Comments Posted by: Kim

Hey! How’s everyone’s week going? Luckily the work week is almost over. Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I have a game this weekend that I am dancing in, along with celebrating a friend’s birthday. Krissy recently finished the book “Water for Elephants” and is super excited to see the movie. I heard it got a lot of positive reviews!

Krissy and I decided to join forces this week and write a blog together about how jealous we are of Craig. He left for Florida yesterday and is probably sitting by the pool, enjoying the sun and getting tan as we blog!

Speaking of going on vacation, a few of our co-workers are going to Mexico next month. This makes us realize that it is almost time for vacation season. I know we’ll be going to Affiliate Summit East this summer, but not until the end of August. We are really looking forward to it because it’ll be our first show and neither of us has been to New York before so it will be a great experience! We both wish we were going somewhere before this since it is still a few months away. I’d actually love to go to Disney World to see the Harry Potter theme park because I’m a little obsessed, almost as much as Krissy is about Britney Spears. :) Krissy would love to go anywhere warm because the Chicago weather has been cold and dreary for the last month and a half!

We think all of our Affiliates should pick up this offer since your users are going to start booking their summer getaways! Get 2 Southwest Tickets has a pay-out of $1.60. Users get 2 tickets for Southwest Airlines (participation required). It converts on first page e-mail submit and has an EPC of $0.46.

*Term of the Week*

Earlier this week I had to calculate eCPM for a potential affiliate.

eCPM is the effective cost per thousand impressions.

To figure this out you take your monthly revenue divide it by the number of monthly impressions and multiply that total by 1,000.

(Monthly Revenue/Monthly Impressions) x 1,000

Example: monthly revenue= 418 monthly impressions= 114

(418/114) x 1,000= 3,666.67

Krissy and I hope the rest of the week goes by quickly so you can enjoy your weekend plans! :)


Apr 2011

Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way!
No Comments Posted by: Kim

Happy Friday to all of my affiliates! I think some of you took today off for Good Friday so you have a nice long weekend ahead of you! I’m a little jealous… :)

So, it’s Easter weekend. Anyone have any big plans? I usually don’t do too much; just have some people over for dinner. When I was younger, though, we made a big deal out of Easter! I remember we would do two Easter egg hunts. One was at a park and the other at my house. Instead of putting candy in those plastic eggs, my dad would put money in them! It was great! Then we would have a bunch of people over to cook out. What are some of your Easter memories when you were kids?

It looks like it’ll be raining all weekend here in Chicago, so no cook outs on Sunday for me! I’ll probably end up cleaning my house, doing laundry, pretty much getting started on spring cleaning before Summer comes! Oops! I’ll just be trying to make my house spotless for my family..and the Easter Bunny I suppose! :)

Affiliates, I’m sure your users will be doing the same as me, so give them these new offers to help them out! The Free Swiffer Sweeper offer has an EPC of $.25 and converts on a first page email submit. The second offer,Free Snuggle Fabric Softner, has an EPC of $.30 and also converts on an email submit. Who couldn’t use these free cleaning products!? Especially when trying to impress family members..we all know how overwhelming that can be!

*Term of the Week*


EPC means earnings per click. This is figured by dividing the number of clicks by the total cost. For example if an offer’s total cost is 500 and there’s 300 clicks, then EPC= 1.67.

500/300= $1.67 EPC

Affiliates, grab these offers ASAP! And have a Happy Easter!


Apr 2011

Rainy Days = Movie Days
No Comments Posted by: Krissy

Good morning to all of my affiliates out there! It has been gloomy and rainy out this morning. I have been in the office for an hour and fifteen minutes already, and have yet to take off my jacket. I know it’s spring so of course I expect the rain, but can we please have some warmth already? Us Chicagoans deserve it! Since it is almost May, I figured that the weather would stay consistent in the 50’s and we would have leaves on the trees by now… Yesterday, it looked like Christmas outside when I drove to work.

So did all of my affiliates enjoy their weekend? My co-workers and I are convinced that this past week Mother Nature decided to have the warm, beautiful days during the work week and the cold, dreary ones during the weekend… Absolutely, not fair! Since it was so cold out, I didn’t really do anything fun this weekend, except see the new movie that just came out called Rio. I wasn’t really excited about it despite all the promotion they did for the movie, but was pleasantly surprised after watching it. It may be a family movie, but it was definitely entertaining and worth the $11 I spent to watch it.

I, for one, love to go see movies, but it definitely gets expensive with all the snacks I want to buy at the concession stand. I know a lot of people these days like to stay in, and rent movies from Blockbuster or even more conveniently, browse movies on their Netflix account. Because of this, our Blockbuster vs. Netflix Survey offer would be a great choice for all of my affiliates to pick up if they haven’t already. The pay-out is $1.45 and converts on the first page.

Welp, it just started raining. I hope all of my affiliates have nicer weather (wherever they are!) that they could enjoy…

Have a great day everyone! :-D


Apr 2011

Beach Season is Here!…Almost!
No Comments Posted by: Kim

Hi Everyone! I’m sure a lot of you are at Ad Tech right now. I know Craig is having a really good time there. I wish I could have gone and met some of my affiliates. …And maybe try to get a tan! I bet the weather is beautiful there. It’s actually not bad over here in Chicago though. I just can’t wait until the 80 degree weather comes!

Nice weather means it is time to start getting in shape and ready for the beach! As for me, I am on a professional dance team, so I dance about 3 times a week. It is a great work out and definitely helps to keep me in shape. Some people play sports in their free time or do the work out videos which I like to do too. And then you have those dedicated few who go to the gym every other day or even everyday! But not everyone has time for that! What do my affiliates do to stay in shape? I’m always looking for new ways to make exercising fun and exciting!

Give your users an easier, faster option to get ready for beach season. The ProSlim- Action Diet Pill offer is really hot right now! It has an EPC of $0.97 and converts on a second page credit card submit. It also has a great landing page, sure to appeal to users, and you can go take a look by logging into your accounts on Clickso.

Well I only have a few hours left of work then hopefully I’ll be outside enjoying the weather! Maybe I’ll go for a run and get my work out done for the day! Have a great rest of the week everyone!



Apr 2011

April Showers Bring… The Mailer Meetup?!
No Comments Posted by: Krissy

Happy Friday to all of my affiliates! :) The weather here is so gross right now; it’s cloudy, raining, and currently 42 degrees in the Chicagoland area. I am definitely happy to be warm and dry in our new office, which we have been residing in for a little over a week now. The Clickso team has been working together in a single office for the past couple of months, and now we all finally have our own desks and work areas! Since I am a new graduate, the only desks of mine have been the one in my old apartment at school or the desks on campus. You can say the feelings I have for finally having my own desk are definitely surreal.

Speaking of being warm and cozy in my office, all my affiliates will want to pick up this new offer, the Starbucks $100 Gift Card. Everyone enjoys a cup of hot (or iced!) coffee sometime during their day so you know this will be a great offer to have! This offer has a pay-out of $1.45, and converts on a first page email submit.

All this talk about Starbucks makes me really want a grande White Chocolate Mocha now! I would definitely get one if it weren’t for the dreary weather outside. I think I will just take it easy and stay comfortably in the office.

On another note, since I have been sick, I will no longer be going to Ad:tech next week in San Francisco, so I am extremely jealous of Craig. He will be at the Mailer Meetup sporting some red and black (Clickso’s colors) so please make sure to stop by and say hello!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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