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Jun 2011

Summer in the City
No Comments Posted by: Kim

It’s Friday! I bet everyone is anxious to start the weekend! I know I am! I have my weekend all planned out! I’m going down town Chicago tonight right after work for a friend’s birthday. Then tomorrow I’m going to North Avenue beach to lie out and get a tan! I think the weather is supposed to be nice…well it better be since I’ll be at a beach! But I am in Chicago so who knows! It’s 80 degrees one day then the next it’s 60. But hopefully it’ll stay nice out. Sunday I’m planning on going to a parade in Chicago. It’s an annual parade and I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun. But I’d have to get up early in the morning, which I am not a fan of, especially on the weekends…but maybe I’ll sacrifice a few hours of sleep :) What is everyone doing this weekend?

I love Chicago Summers! There is always something going on and always something to do. The streets get so crowded and lively! I love it! I’ll probably be spending most of my weekends in Chicago this summer. But I do have other ideas of fun summer things to do that aren’t in the city. One thing is Country Thunder. It’s a 4 day outdoor concert of country music in Wisconsin. Most of my friends don’t like country music so I’m lucky if I can drag a couple friends with me. But this year it’ll just be my sister and I going! And the line-up of artists is great! I can’t wait! Here’s my little checklist of other things I’d like to do this summer:

-Go to Six Flags Great America

I live literally 7 minutes away from Six Flags but I never go! In high school, I’d get a season pass every year and go pretty much every day. Now, maybe I’ll go once a year..if that! Last time I went was for Fright Fest last October. But Six Flags is so much more fun in the summer because there’s a water park! Affiliates, grab our new 4 Free Six Flags Tickets offer so your users can go! It converts on an email submit and pays out at $1.30.

-Go to a Nascar race

My mom is absolutely obsessed with Nascar. Personally, I don’t get it. You just sit and watch cars go in a circle for 4 hours…? But my mom’s birthday is coming up and I know she would love to go to a race. So being the wonderful daughter that I am, I’m thinking about buying tickets to the next race in Detroit. Maybe it’ll be more interesting to watch a live race! Nascar has a huge fan base, and Affiliates, I bet a bunch of your users are fans too. This new Nascar DVD Club offers users a collection of the all-time best action from Nascar races. It pays out at $12.00 and converts on a first page credit card submit. Do any of my affiliates like Nascar?

-Go on Vaction… at least for the weekend!

It seems like everyone, and I’m not even exaggerating, is either on vacation right now or is going soon. A bunch of my friends, friends of friends, family members, and even Clickso affiliates are on vacation! I have to say that I am extremely jealous of all of you! I have no money to go on an actual vacation, but I’d like to get away for a weekend. But so far it looks like my only weekend getaway this summer is going to be our office trip in August. And I’m really excited for it! Affiliates, for all your users who are planning a vacation pick up this offer, Get 2 Southwest Tickets – NEW. It has a new landing page, it converts on an email submit and the payout is $1.50.

There’s my summer to do list, short and sweet! :) What’s on my affiliate’s summer checklist?

Have a great weekend everyone!



Jun 2011

Introducing Your New Campaign Manager…
No Comments Posted by: Krissy

Good afternoon, everyone, and happy first day of summer! How are all of you spending it? I’m working today of course, but it’s so humid out I don’t even mind.

I forgot to tell all of you, but I’ve recently switched positions and am now a Campaign Manager instead of an Affiliate Manager. I guess I can’t refer to any of you as my affiliates anymore, but I can definitely keep you up to date on Clickso’s newest offers!

I find myself busier at my new position due to the fact that I’m always putting up various offers for Craig and Kim’s affiliates. Being so busy does make the day go by so much faster, which is definitely a perk, but I truly enjoy my new duties as a Campaign Manager! I’m the face behind the newsletter all of you affiliates receive weekly, and I’m now in charge of the emails you receive if an offer is going down. My new record of how many offers I can put up in a day is eight, and I hope that someday I can be even quicker than Craig in this aspect of my job!

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek into my new position, I’m going to tell you about a few of my favorite offers I’ve recently put up.

- Gold’s Gym Free Trial (Email Only): Affiliates, this will be one hot offer to pick up now that it’s officially summertime. Everyone wants to be in their best shape for the season, and this campaign could make staying fit possible! Users must fill out this super short form for a Free 7-Day VIP Trial Membership at your nearest Gold’s Gym. Conversion occurs on a first page submit with a pay-out of $2.75.

- Kate Bosworth’s JewelMint: Want to know why I think this offer would do awesome for you, affiliates?! Think of all the ladies who will be vacationing in the next few weeks, or have special plans that require the most fashionable looks. Users are eligible to join Kate Bosworth’s monthly jewelry club, which has actually been getting rave reviews! This offer has a pay-out of $4.50, and a lead is generated on a credit card submission.

- Bubble Shooter Game: The summertime usually means LOTS of traveling so why not relieve your users boredom with the most addictive online game! Affiliates, offer your users the newest version of the bubble shooter game. This offer can be incentivized and has a $1.00 pay-out.

Don’t these offers seem too good to pass up? It’s probably because they are! Contact your affiliate managers now to get these offers up and running. (And if you aren’t an affiliate of Clickso, what are you waiting for?! Sign up now!)

Term of the Week
Vertical – Yes, this word can mean an upright position, but in affiliate marketing, it’s a group of offers. Here are the above campaigns in their correct vertical:

- Gold’s Gym Free Trial: Health and Beauty (OR Free Trial)
- Kate Bosworth’s JewelMint: Shopping
- Now your turn, Bubble Shooter Game: ???

Hope you guessed Gaming! The name kinda gives it away, huh? You can also think of the word “vertical” as a category.

Did you learn something new today? Hope so! Not only do I consider myself a Campaign Manager, but a teacher as well. ;) Have a great rest of the day, everyone! And…


Jun 2011

Snack Your Way Into A Smaller Swimsuit!
No Comments Posted by: Krissy

Good morning affiliates, how are you all doing today? I’d be in such a great mood if it were sunny and warm outside, but of course, it’s chilly and has been storming all morning. I guess that’s Chicago weather for ya, right?

I’ve decided to write this week’s blog on my favorite thing to do: SNACKING.

I was watching Good Morning America a few days ago, and the episode gave me a few good tips on what to snack on during the summer months. Because of the heat index lately, I’ve been eating my fair share of ice cream, popsicles and frozen beverages. I honestly don’t know how many calories I’ve been racking up! Starting next week (or so I say), I plan to start eating much healthier snacks. GMA has suggested:

Goji berries: Supposedly one of the healthiest foods you can eat! I’ve never tried these so I plan on picking some up this weekend.

Fruit: My favorites this season include watermelon, grapes (which are even better if you throw them in the freezer!), kiwis and mangos.


Nuts: Kim likes to bring peanuts and cashews to work so next time she does, I might have to ask her for some!

Now that I’ve listed some of GMA’s suggestions, here are some of MY ideas for healthier snacking:

Skinny Cow treats: I seriously love Ben and Jerry’s as much as the next girl, but Skinny Cow has low-fat treats that are just as good! My faves are the ice cream sandwiches or Chocolate truffle bars, which you can find in the frozen section at your local grocery store.

Yoplait Fat-Free Yogurt: I enjoy Yoplait fat-free yogurt year round, but some summery flavors I’ve been stocking up on include Triple Berry Torte, Strawberry Orange Sunrise and Apricot Mango.

Kellogg’s FiberPlus Antioxidants Chewy Bars in Caramel Coconut Fudge: Remember those amazing Samoas Girl Scout cookies and being so depressed when the cookies so quickly disappeared because they were THAT good? Well, these fiber bars taste exactly like those little devils and pack 35% of your daily fiber. What’s up now, Girl Scouts?

Other than these snacks, I also propose that affiliates pick up this amazing As-Seen-on-TV offer, the Blueberry Giant, which has a pay-out of $20. With the Blueberry Giant, users can now grow their very own blueberries in the convenience of their own home. Why go to the grocery store when you have the perfect summer snack growing in your backyard? Affiliates, what are you waiting for? Pick this offer up right now!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog this week as much as I enjoyed writing it, but if you’ll all excuse me, I have a Kellogg’s chewy bar with my name on it… ;)


May 2011

At Clickso, we reward our affiliates!
No Comments Posted by: Krissy

This week, Kim and I decided to write another blog together! We had so much fun writing it last week, and wrote an even longer blog entry than usual. We hope all of our affiliates enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!

We want to start out this week’s entry by talking about our new program called, Flexible Rewards. If you sign up to become a publisher on our site, you could earn some amazing rewards. The more monthly earnings you make, the more valuable your reward will be. We have one affiliate already who has won an iPod Nano, (Monthly earnings: $20,000)!

This program was created as an incentive to our affiliates to reward them for sending us traffic. Here is a list of what prizes an affiliate can win:

- $5,000+: $50 Gift Card
- $10,000+: $100 Gift Card
- $20,000+: iPod Nano
- $30,000+: Nintendo Wii
- $50,000+: Digital SLR (a Camera!)
- $70,000+: iPad
- $100,000+: 50” Plasma TV
- $150,000+: MacBook Pro
- $250,000+: 92” Projector Screen
- $300,000+: Watches
- $500,000+: Jewelry
- $1 Million: Car

We hope this program will motivate our affiliates to not only pick up more offers, but drive traffic to the offers that they are already running! If you’re not sure which offers to pick up, you can always check our blog for information on the top performing offers of the week.

Users can qualify for a $4,000 scholarship with the Career Stimulus Package 4k Scholarship offer. It has an EPC of $2.26 and a pay-out of $32.00. The offer converts on the user being eligible to receive information from a university.

The second offer that we are going to talk about today is our PolicyGo Life Insurance offer, which is a zip submit. The EPC for this offer is $0.89, and the pay-out is $5.50. This campaign offers users free life insurance quotes.

*Term of the Week*

Last week, the term of the week was actually an equation Kim used to figure out an eCPM of an offer. This week, it’s my turn! Since I have only been an affiliate manager for a few months, (I started in February 2011), I am constantly hearing new terms that I still am not familiar with. Today, I heard the abbreviation, “AOR.” Because I didn’t know what it meant, of course, I had to google it!

AOR is an abbreviation for Agency of Record. This means that a network handles all of the marketing for an entire line of products for an advertiser. All of the advertiser’s products have to go directly through their AOR network. If you are working with an AOR, you are running an exclusive offer.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading our blog this week, even though it didn’t have to do with vacations or Harry Potter World. We hope that all of our affiliates have a great weekend!


Mar 2011

March Clickso Madness
No Comments Posted by: Krissy

Colorful Bowling BallsHey everyone! I hope all of you are having a great week so far. Here at Clickso, the office is being expanded, and the sounds of electrical tools have been a daily occurrence for everyone at the office. Despite the sounds of construction, everyone in the office is looking forward to having a bigger work area. I, for one, can’t wait! It feels amazing to be part of a company that is continuing to expand.
Not only am I excited for the office to expand, I am ecstatic for our company outing coming up at the end of the month. My company is participating in Bowl for the Cure, a fundraiser for breast cancer, on March 27th. I can’t wait to hang out with my co-workers while doing something for a good cause. Do any of you have any fun plans for the month of March?!
If any of you are out of ideas, one of my offers can allow you to earn a gift card to Olive Garden. The payout for this offer is $1.50, and the conversion occurs after the user answers a few survey questions, chooses a gift, and submits his or her email. This offer is super hot right now; it has a conversion rate of 23.3% and an EPC of $0.37! Affiliates, I would add this offer if you haven’t already!

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