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Summer in the City

It’s Friday! I bet everyone is anxious to start the weekend! I know I am! I have my weekend all planned out! I’m going down town Chicago tonight right after work for a friend’s birthday. Then tomorrow I’m going to North Avenue beach to lie out and get a tan! I think the weather is supposed to be nice…well it better be since I’ll be Read More →

Introducing Your New Campaign Manager…

Good afternoon, everyone, and happy first day of summer! How are all of you spending it? I’m working today of course, but it’s so humid out I don’t even mind. I forgot to tell all of you, but I’ve recently switched positions and am now a Campaign Manager instead of an Affiliate Manager. I guess I can’t refer to any of you as my affiliates Read More →

Snack Your Way Into A Smaller Swimsuit!

Good morning affiliates, how are you all doing today? I’d be in such a great mood if it were sunny and warm outside, but of course, it’s chilly and has been storming all morning. I guess that’s Chicago weather for ya, right? I’ve decided to write this week’s blog on my favorite thing to do: SNACKING. I was watching Good Morning America a few days Read More →

At Clickso, we reward our affiliates!

This week, Kim and I decided to write another blog together! We had so much fun writing it last week, and wrote an even longer blog entry than usual. We hope all of our affiliates enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it! We want to start out this week’s entry by talking about our new program called, Flexible Rewards. If you Read More →

Colorful Bowling Balls

March Clickso Madness

Hey everyone! I hope all of you are having a great week so far. Here at Clickso, the office is being expanded, and the sounds of electrical tools have been a daily occurrence for everyone at the office. Despite the sounds of construction, everyone in the office is looking forward to having a bigger work area. I, for one, can’t wait! It feels amazing to Read More →

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