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The Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Ten years ago, the iPhone we all know, love and typically keep inches away from our fingertips hit the shelves and forever changed the way we live our lives. The smart phone has changed the way we communicate, stay organized and from time to time – do a little shopping. No shame in that. Not only has the smart phone reinvented our personal lives but Read More →

How Your Website Contributes to Lead Generation

As you may already know, a good fraction of your business’ generated leads can depend on the quality and impact of your website. There are a handful of elements to consider and implement when optimizing your website. Each element plays a different role in increasing lead generation. In this blog post, we will touch base on five major steps your website should entail. The blog, Read More →

Email Marketing: Stand-Alone Emails vs. Newsletters

When considering your company’s email marketing strategy, it’s important to always remember that your customers want organized information that pertains to them. Most companies utilize a newsletter and a stand-alone email for their email marketing strategy. They each bring something different to the table. Many times, it’s difficult to differentiate the two – but we can help clear up the distinction for you. Newsletter It’s Read More →

SendMsgs: a Push Notifications Service for Web and Mobile

SendMsgs has taken the hassle out of customer interactions. This push notifications service can help your company set up auto responses as well as personalize and schedule notifications to better interact with customers, promote your brand and optimize your campaign. Why Push Notifications? Generally, customers will subscribe to push notifications because they want to receive personalized alerts, time-sensitive content and tailored deals. SendMsgs uses push Read More →

LeadsCon 2012!

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to LeadsCon next week! I know we have been busy making plans for the upcoming event for the past week. If you are attending LeadsCon be sure to contact our Business Development Manager, Craig Ferrelli. Craig will be there for the duration of the events so send him an email at to set up a Read More →

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